How To Upgrade Paypal To Business Account

Step 1: To begin, go to Select "Business Account" and click "Continue"

Step 2: Here, you will have two options, PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro. Select "Standard" as shown below.

Step 3: Fill out your business information on the next form as shown below. Enter your email, create your own password and confirm your password. Then, enter your first and last name. For the business name, you can enter "Devant Solutions". Enter your phone number and street address along with your zip code and press "Agree and Continue".

Step 4: Select your business type and answer the remaining fields as shown below. Select "Individual/Sole Proprietorship" for the first field. Select "Services - other" for the second field. Then select "Computer and data processing services" or "Education" for the third field. For the fourth field down, select the amount you expect to earn monthly. If you plan on earning over $5000 per month with this opportunity, make sure to select a higher income bracket. Select "No" when its asks if you have a website address. Then click "Continue"

Step 5: On the next page, enter the last four digits of your social security number (this is for tax purposes). Enter your date of birth and address. Then click "Submit".