Why Your Facebook Ads Get Denied

How To Build Websites - Facebook And YouTube Ad Compliant


Words And Other Things To Avoid In Your Ad

- Weight loss

- Fat

- Skinny

- Weight

- You

- Your

- Guaranteed

- Money-back

- Affiliate


- Make money

- Work from home

- Society

- Politics

- Any slander/ cursing

- Facebook

- FB

- Instagram

- rich/ poor

Other Triggers to Avoid:

- Personal attributes

- Bold claims

- showing “money” in images/videos

- Showing images that are zoomed in on a particular body part (teeth,

stomach, butt, breasts, arms, legs)

- Showing before and after photos (fitness/ weight loss particularly)

- Over using punctuation. For example: !!! or ???

Best Workarounds:

- Change “how to” to “how I”.

- Speak in the first person “Here’s how I bring local businesses more

customers” rather than “Here’s how YOU can....”

- Use the word “Ya” rather than “you” if you must use that particular

verbiage otherwise avoid those type of sentence structures as a whole.

- Use positive images (people smiling, laughing.... FB image recognition

rewards this)

- Use positive words (happy, laugh, fun, exciting)

rewards this)

What to do if your ad gets disapproved?

Step 1: Double check you have a privacy policy on your landing page

Step 2: Double check you have no auto-popups on your landing page

Step 3: Double check you don’t have a video that auto-plays on your

landing page

Step 4: Update your landing page if it is missing these elements.

Step 5: Request a manual review of your disapproved ad (if you know for

certain you are following TOS. If you may not be... then delete the ad and

relaunch a new one that does fall within TOS)

What to Say to a Facebook Ad Rep when requesting a manual review of

your ad:

● Use words like “please, thank you,”

● Remember they are human and be overly kind and appreciative (your

account is in their hands and some kind words goes a long way)

● Mention you are familiar with ad policies

● Explain you are running an ad for xyz type of client

● Mention you have a privacy policy on the landing page and did not

make any bold claims in your ad

● Link directly to your landing page so the ad rep can easily and quickly

review your landing page

● Mention you believe Facebook’s algorithm made a mistake (show the

ad rep you are knowledgeable with their system so they trust you are

good advertiser)

● Mention although you are confident the ad is within TOS but that it’s

possible you made a mistake and are happy to make any changes

● Again be kind and polite (overly polite)

Make Sure That Your Facebook Ad Image Does NOT Contain More Than 20% Text


You MUST have a Privacy Policy, Facebook disclaimer, Terms And Income Disclaimer On Your Landing Pages. See Templates Below. Note: On the Privacy Policy Statement template, you can take out Daily Takeover and use your own business opportunity name if you wish

Facebook Disclaimer Template For Your Landing Pages:

Disclaimer: This website is not a part of the YouTube, Google, Facebook, Google Inc or Facebook Inc website. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by YouTube, Google or Facebook in any way. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook Inc. YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc.

Income Disclaimer Template For Your Landing Pages:

The income statements made with our program do not serve as a guarantee of income. It is only a demonstration of what is possible when you are dedicated and take daily action. Income is based on your own individual efforts and work ethic. Must be a U.S. or Canadian resident to receive the vacation getaways. Must be a U.S. resident only to receive the electronic incentives. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this program. By joining this program, you agree that you have read all the terms and conditions below and agree that there are no refunds. Non use of the training and tools does not warrant reason for a refund. All sales are final.

Terms And Conditions Template If You Plan On Advertising Daily Takeover. Note: The terms and conditions has been modified so that it does NOT promote the wine savings and health benefits. Facebook does not allow the paid ads to be run that speaks about alcohol or health products. Neither does Youtube:

Make Sure To Familiarize Yourself With Facebook's Paid Advertising Policies

Copy and paste this link into your search browser to view: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/