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Promotion Ideas: Use the countdown timers and strike through prices to run special promotions for your business. This can be holiday promotions or any promotion you want for your business. For example, in the training we discussed giving away unlimited leads for life as bait to gain customers into your business. You can use the countdown timer and strike through prices as a way to communicate that if your leads join you within a certain period of time (before the timer on your site runs out), they can get access to these leads at no additional cost. Then use the strike through prices to show them that the price will be increasing due to the leads no longer being free if they do not join before the timer runs out. You can also use the vacation getaways to attract leads and sales by telling them that they must join your business within "X" amount of time (before the timer on your site runs out) in order to receive the vacation getaways and other incentives. This creates a sense of urgency. If your leads think they have as long as they wish to make a buying decision, then they WILL take their time in signing up for your business. The important thing is to be creative with this. Brainstorm your own ideas.

List Of Sites To Visit

1. to track your website visitors for free. This is a free alternative to Clickmagick:

2. to get your free countdown timer. Perfect for running special promotions and deals for your business to create a sense of urgency in order to drive sales:

3. Stike through price generator to show people the true value of your offer. When people see the true value of what you have to offer and not simply the cheap price you are offering, they are more likely to buy:

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